• July 9, 2021
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Automation is the modern and innovative tool for business. With the use of automation, work becomes easier, more efficient and provides customers with better experience. Automation tools with highly efficient staff combined can streamline everything from internal processes to marketing to customer relations. Save your precious time and energy with our powerful list of automation tools for small businesses. Read on and discover how automation can help your small business grow.


It is crucial for small businesses to stay on top of their accounting and invoicing. With automation in place, recurring invoices, centralized timesheets and automatic tracking of payment can be streamlined. Customers will feel at ease with credible, reliable and consistent invoicing which can lead to repeat transactions and more referrals.

Customer Support

Automated customer support provides a personal touch to clients while making it easy for them to find solutions to their concerns and requests. Processes built through automation can provide the highest quality of customer care.

Setting up Appointment and Scheduling

Scheduling meetings and appointments with different customers can be troublesome and nobody wants a missed or rescheduled meeting. A simplified yet efficient scheduling software manages your everyday activities while building trust with your customers. Also we need to do quantitative vs qualitative research to reach potential clients. All the Top 10 IT companies in World are doing research to get more customers or clients.

Stocks and Supplies

Save time and energy by automating your office supply orders. Shorten your work week and free yourself from submitting the same supply order manually every month. Have your orders sent out automatically without the need to pile up and with no hassle.

Accounting and Finances

E-banking and e-accounting is a great help in most organizations today. Companies opted to automate their financial operations for easy tracking of payments and receivables. In property management accounting you can automate all sorts of financial activities like paying rents, invoicing, handling receipts and even prospecting for potential renters. You can even go the extra mile by reminding people who use their cards to monitor expiration and renew on time thus avoiding late or canceled payments. This will save you time, money and effort and will make your organization more efficient.

Employee Events and Engagements

Part of automation is working remotely which can be difficult when you’re used to doing your job within the four corners of your office. Being isolated at home can lead to feelings of disconnect and sudden drop in employee morale. Investing in virtual events to increase employee morale shows that you care about your staff as humans, which in turn will boost productivity and growth of the company.

Social Media Management

A successful social media strategy can be achieved through regular and consistent posting. With automation tools, preparation and advance posting on multiple networks can be done with just one click or tap. This can save your precious time and energy especially for small company owners who manage their business profiles on their own.


most likely the biggest advantage you can get from automation is getting the sales pipeline organized. Once you determine the stages in the customer journey very well, the automation software will recognize movements inside the sales funnel which can automatically make  simpler moves without the help of any salesperson or agent.

Prospecting and Onboarding

Client onboarding is quite similar to customer support. Automatic prospecting and  onboarding software aids in introducing your customers to basic concepts and functionalities rather than having a human representative waiting to provide additional support if needed.  Since automation simplifies  your product or service, there’s no need to waste time and invest in additional resources like customer support representatives.

Backup Files

Losing all the customer information, employee data and financial reports  related to your business can be an absolute disaster. With almost all  important segments of business being automated, having proper backups for all your files is invaluable. One  purpose of automation is to create backup files to avoid any human errors and even the basic file storage  usually has this functionality so this won’t be a problem. 

Gathering Feedback from Customers

Feedback and criticisms  helps your business  grow. However, collecting it can be a very tedious and time consuming task. Automation software like SurveyMonkey allows you to create, deliver and record the results of surveys quickly and efficiently. You can also send your survey via mobile, web or social media in a friendly format that clients can fill out effortlessly.

There you go. No doubt,  automation saves time, resources, effort and energy  plus it also boosts the efficiency of your business in several different areas. Some tasks like creating content, building relationships or supporting customers can’t be fully automated yet and need a human touch. But for work that your employees find tiresome, repetitive and boring, let automation handle it so there will be more room for work-life balance. You might need additional funds or  some investments to get crucial areas of your business sufficiently automated, but it will surely pay off.