I can sum myself up as a finance blogger, content writer, financial planner, and personal development junkie who is friendly to all. But, I think there is so much more; I should TRY at least…And you must know – I believe in GOD & loves coffee. Would you have time, lets to meet for a coffee.

On this blog, I write about ..

1) Money hacks,
2) Personal finance tips,
3) Personal development,
4) Blogging & Money Making
5) Career, … and more.

I’m fascinated with money from my childhood as we were not RICH. Again  I graduated  with a huge of student loan debt — $106k to be exact. I had no ideas how I could be able to replay it all and know nothing about personal finance… So, I decided to start a blog and talk about it – A LONG AGO. But this was 2017-03-25, when ProFinanceTips.com was born.

While writing and reading about money hacks and personal finance management, I learned everything I could get my hands on personal development and frugal living. It was long before I quit my overspending habits to become a financial planner and blogger. And life is so much better NOW!

My current focus is blogging and increasing my blog income so that I can repay my student loans ASAP (how bloggers make money). I talk about money, career, economics, relationships, personal development, law and everything going on in between for my readers.

My regular blog posts are about.

1. How to make more money (side hustles,  make money online etc.)
2. Managing money (budgeting tips, debt management, credit, saving, investing)
3. Behavioral finance (why are you so bad with money? What makes you send more? Etc..)

The career posts are related to pursuing a traditional career in corporate America & how to chose best career for you.

The personal development posts are about:

1 – Personal finance management
2 – Goals with your finance
3- Happiness & money
4 – Minimalism & frugal living
5 – Time management
6 – Success

The blogging related posts are about – how to build a successful (and profitable) blog online, tips and tricks to write quality content that readers love, how to develop and manage the content outreach . This is what I did for top brands, so I talk about it!

A few more random facts about me:

  • I love to help start-ups get better visibility online through content marketing & SMO
    Read and learn new things –about anything and everything
  • I enjoy running and staying active (I was a cheerleader and dancer growing up).
  • I love to travelling – been Africa for twice, Asia for thrice and Australia for five times.
  • I love all things chocolate.

Stay Connected…

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